How to Record Screen Actions as a Puppeteer Script

One of the new (experimental) additions to the Chrome 89 DevTools is the Puppeteer Recorder:

DevTools can now generate Puppeteer scripts based on your interaction with the browser, making it easier for you to automate browser testing.

Simply start a new recording and as you click around you’ll see Puppeteer code being generated. Stefan Judis has a little video and some more the details on how to do this.

How to Record Screen Actions as a Puppeteer Script →


😅 Having sudden flashbacks to 2006 here, where I used Photoshop’s Script Listener Plug-In to record my actions as I converted a PDF to a JPG, yielding some Visual Basic code. With that generated code in hand I created a C# application that would steer Photoshop and perform that very same action each file in a folder.

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