CSS Houdini Blobs

Tim Broddin — ubernerd and also my tech colleague at VRT Creative Lab — released a very nice Houdini Paint Worklet that draws some smooth blobs.

.css-houdini-blobs {
    --num-blobs: 40;

    --seed: 4749;
    --colors: #71a7ee, #7940c1, #f0e891;
    --min-opacity: 0.1;
    --max-opacity: 0.5;
    background: paint(blobs);

Glad to see Tim used css-houdini-circles as a starting point to work from. The blobs themselves are drawn using the blobs NPM package.

CSS Houdini Blob Source (GitHub) →
CSS Houdini Blobs Demo →
blobs NPM Package →

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