JavaScript: Hostnames as self-executing fetches

In a conversation between Mathias Bynens and Ingvar Stepanyan, an idea popped up: what if a hostname — such as — would be valid JavaScript? Using a JavaScript Proxy, that’s perfect possible.

Building further upon that is proxy-www, which creates self-executing fetches from them.

const www = new Proxy(new URL('https://www'), {
    get: function get(target, prop) {
        let o = Reflect.get(target, prop);
        if (typeof o === 'function') {
            return o.bind(target)
        if (typeof prop !== 'string') {
            return o;
        if (prop === 'then') {
            return Promise.prototype.then.bind(fetch(target));
        target = new URL(target);
        target.hostname += `.${prop}`;
        return new Proxy(target, { get });

Usage: => {

My inner geek rejoices 🤓


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