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With Chromium 86 and now recently Firefox 85 supporting :focus-visible, it’s a good time to refer to this post by Matthias Ott:

The :focus-visible pseudo-class lets you show focus styles only when they are needed, using the same heuristic that the browser uses to decide whether to show the default focus indicator.

You use :focus-visible just like you use :focus. To properly hide focus rings on “mouse focus” though, you’ll need to add an extra rule-set in which you combine :focus with (a negated) :focus-visible:

/* Show focus styles on keyboard focus. */
:focus-visible {
  outline: 3px solid blue;

/* Hide focus styles if they're not needed, for example, 
when an element receives focus via the mouse. */
:focus:not(:focus-visible) {
  outline: 0;

💁‍♂️ This extra rule-set is needed because browser vendors add a default outline using :focus through their User Agent StyleSheet.

In the (near?) future this extra rule-set will no longer be needed as the HTML spec now prescribes that UA StyleSheets use :focus-visible to add the default outline.

Awaiting the work Igalia is doing on this, Safari does not yet support :focus-visible, but in the meantime you can use a polyfill.

:focus-visible Is Here →
focus-visible Polyfill →

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