A billion dollar gift for Twitter

Anil Dash was asked by Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter in case that name doesn’t ring a bell) if they could have a talk to spewing some ideas on fixing Twitter. Anil declined the talk. Instead, he wrote an article on Medium.

Jack: I’ll give you this one for free, just because I still have a soft spot in my heart for the product and I really want us all to stop having to rescue Twitter in 2017

A list of 5 things, which – each and every one of them – are spot-on:

  1. Show you can consistently ship new features
  2. Directly handle abuse and tell the world what you’re doing
  3. Stop using meaningless metrics as your measure of success
  4. Provide specific tools for each of your types of users
  5. Decide if you give a damn about developers or not

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