CSS Transparent and Outlined Text

For a recent project we did at work I needed outlined text. Using text-shadow you can achieve the desired effect, but one must admit: it’s ugly.

Some browsers however (Webkit) support the text-stroke property which gets a much nicer result. Here’s a demo pen:

See the Pen CSS Transparent and Outlined Text by Bramus! (@bramus) on CodePen.

The code above uses @supports to apply text-stroke when supported. If not supported it falls back to the (ugly) faux outline technique.

This is how it looks like in browsers that support text-stroke:


And this is how it looks like in browsers that don’t support text-stroke (note the ugly outline around the letter A):


Note: Unfortunately this technique does not work on emoji (cfr. Emoji Silhouettes and Emoji Outlines with CSS)

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