Making viewport units work properly in Mobile Safari

A typical issue with the well supported Viewport Relative Units (you know: vh, vw, vmin, and vmax) that bothers me a lot is that MobileSafari (Safari on iOS) takes the height of the address bar into account for 100vh.

Take a look at the footer of that first block in the screenshot below: since its container exceeds 100% of the viewport’s height – even though said container is set to be 100vh in height – the date at the bottom bleeds out of the viewport:


Viewport Units Buggyfill is a script that fixes that kind of bad browser implementations. With Viewport Units Buggyfill applied, all is fine and dandy:


Next to initializing the script on load, on also needs to listen for the resize event in case – for example – the tabs bar get shown/hidden.

import * as viewportUnitsBuggyfill from 'viewport-units-buggyfill';

// …

// Initialize viewportUnitsBuggyfill

// Also hook viewportUnitsBuggyfill to resize event (if it was initialized)
if (document.getElementById('patched-viewport')) {
    window.addEventListener('resize', viewportUnitsBuggyfill.refresh, true);

Viewport Units Buggyfill →

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