JockeyJS is a dual-iOS and Android library that facilitates two-way communication between native applications and JavaScript apps running inside them.

Here’s an iOS example:

// Send an event to JavaScript, passing a payload.
// payload can be an NSDictionary or NSArray, or anything that is serializable to JSON.
// It can be nil.
[Jockey send:@"event-name" withPayload:payload toWebView:webView];

// If you want to send an event and also execute code within the iOS app when all
// JavaScript listeners have finished processing.
[Jockey send:@"event-name" withPayload:payload toWebView:webView perform:^{
  // Respond to callback.

In your JavaScript listen for the event-name:

// Listen for an event from iOS and log the payload.
Jockey.on("event-name", function(payload) {

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