SWAPI — The Star Wars API

$ curl -X GET http://swapi.co/api/people/1/

      "name": "Luke Skywalker",
      "height": "1.72 m",
      "mass": "77 Kg",
      "hair_color": "Blond",
      "skin_color": "Caucasian",
      "eye_color": "Blue",
      "birth_year": "19 BBY",
      "gender": "Male",
      "homeworld": "http://swapi.co/api/planets/1/",
      "films": [
      "species": [
      "vehicles": [
      "starships": [
      "created": "2014-12-09T13:50:51.644000Z",
      "edited": "2014-12-10T13:52:43.172000Z",
      "url": "http://swapi.co/api/people/1/"

All the Star Wars data you’ve ever wanted:

Planets, Spaceships, Vehicles, People, Films and Species

From all six Star Wars films

One thing I do find missing are image resources to accompany each resource (GitHub issue here). That would make it a very nice one to integrate in my courses (Until then I’ll stick with my dummy MoviesDB API)

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