Their growing demand: WordPress Magazine/Gazette/Newspaper Themes Overview

Lately, there’s been a lot of rumbling within the WordPress Themes Scene. I’m not talking about some of the free themes that contain tracking codes, but the rise of the Magazine/Gazette/Newspaper themes. During the past three months quite a few have popped up. Here’s a little overview.

My Distractions, the almighty Elsewhere Archive : Update

In the comments on my previous post about the little sidenotes I’m serving here, which I like to call ‘Elsewhere’, my pal Manuel threw in a term I hadn’t seen before (actually I had, but I simply forgot about it): ‘Asides’. Soon my search on Google started and all my questions got answered as you […]

My improved Pingbacks/Trackbacks & Comments separation for WordPress 2.0

Rachel Runcliffe posted a topic on separating Pingbaks/Trackbacks from Comments in WordPress 2.0 … now, I’ve improved this thingy by implementing a third loop which first counts the number of Pingbacks/Trackbacks & Comments so that the HTML still remains valid. Anywho, here goes