My 100,000 Spam – Akismet FTW

spam.jpgJust moderated some comments and noticed that Akismet has caught over 100,000 spam since I first installed it (September 2006). Together with WordVerify, which narrowed down the comment spam from over 1,000 per day to only a few per day, I’m glad I can rely on those 2 plugins to make my (internet) life more pleasant! Any other plugins you suggest to ditch out the last few spam comments? Maybe I need to install reCAPTCHA?


One Response to My 100,000 Spam – Akismet FTW

  1. Bramus! says:

    FYI: Today (2 weeks later) spamcount has increased with 10,000 … it’s the season to be jolly, right?

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