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wordpressAfter closing a week or three, I got the feeling to restart it. Most like you know (or didn’t, but now you do) is that was driven by a homemade CMS, dubbed “B-Noob”. Major adjustments were planned, but then WP2 came out, having nearly all I wanted in a CMS.

It wasn’t until my good friend Manuel asked me to do a customization for WP that I really started using it. The process of customizing WP2 was so straightforward that I started experimenting with it (a lot). After a month of test driving, checking out various options/themes/hacks I finally chose a modded Hemmingway Bright theme (note: that should be “Hemingway Bright”) to power this site. After modding it some more myself, I got this one back up in the air. Right now I’m (planing on) adding the old content, skinning this Hemmingway Bright, installing some nifty plugins, and – most important – hopefully I’ll get to post here every now and then…


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  1. wow, my names mentioned on!

    i have the feeling i am becoming more and more popular by the minute! man- i convinced the übercoder to work with wp, isnt that something? hmmm- but on the other hand, maybe it was wp itself that convinced him- maybe i just mentioned it at the right moment… yeah 🙁 ok, back to ordinary. but it was a cool moment – and nobody can take it away for me! is there a pulitzer for right moments?

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