Stylus nth-of-m-child(n,m) Selector

. As explained/linked in (ab)using CSS3’s :nth-child() selector to invent new ones and Quantity Queries for CSS it’s possible to create new types of CSS selectors by cleverly combining a few the available CSS pseudo selectors. One of those new selectors is the :nth-of-m-child selector: /** * :nth-of-m-child selector * This selector will select the […]

Kouto Swiss

Stylus is great, but… where’s my Compass/Bourbon? Kouto Swiss offers an answer to that as it’ll make lots of handy functions and mixins available to you. Take this Kouto Swiss provided font-face function for example: font-face( “Roboto”, “./fonts/Roboto-Regular-webfont”, normal ) Which will render into this: @font-face { font-family: “Roboto”; font-weight: normal; src: url(“./fonts/Roboto-Regular-webfont.eot”); src: url(“./fonts/Roboto-Regular-webfont.eot?#iefix”) […]

Pencil, a stylus from the makers of Paper

Great tools inspire great ideas. Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper. Advanced technology meets beautiful design to keep you in the flow, without needing to switch tools. With Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection, Pencil puts creative possibility in your hands. Neat that the back of the pencil […]