LEGO® White Noise

Today, the LEGO Group is launching LEGO® White Noise, a new playlist designed to help listeners find a moment of relaxation in their busy lives. The playlist is composed of a series of audio tracks created using nothing but the iconic sounds that the LEGO brick makes, sounds that are recognised by generations all over the world.

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Don’t delay worldwide releases


To anyone involved with The Interview: I really don’t get it how you could screw this up.

You had global attention. Everybody wanted to see your movie. You had a perfect 10 on IMDB for a while. You eventually decided to release it online. Everybody got excited. And then you decided to limit the online release to U.S. only.

This last move, which no external party was responsible for, has lost you revenue.

Spotify, for example, has compared the UK and US releases of “All about that Bass”. In the UK, the track was released much later than it was in the US whilst it was already globally available on YouTube. Just look at the data:



Delaying worldwide releases can kill song sales, Spotify data shows → and Spotify partnering up


We’ve teamed up with Spotify to bring their entire catalogue, on demand, to the world’s leading music recommendation service. Whether it be your own profile page, artist pages or album pages – if Spotify has it, you can play it and control it on via the Spotify playbar at the bottom of the screen.

Remember was one of the very first to offer full track playback in 2008. Their catalog just got a major upgrade 🙂

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Spotify Play Button

This should work:

Too bad it opens up Spotify, instead of streaming the audio inline. But on the other hand, I can think of many reasons why that’s disabled.

And way too cool that the embedded player actually follows along with progress meters and playing indicators as you progress listening a track and/change it in Spotify (the app) itself.

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