Coin is a connected device that contains all your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and membership cards in one place. Instead of carrying all those cards in your wallet just carry your Coin. The best part? Coin works anywhere those cards are accepted. Dip, swipe or slide; Coin knows all the moves. Too bad it doesn’t […]


Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online. It’s as easy as making one simple curl request $ curl \ -u vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE: \ -d amount=400 \ -d currency=usd \ -d "description=Charge for [email protected]" \ -d "card[number]=4242424242424242" \ -d "card[exp_month]=12" \ -d "card[exp_year]=2012" \ -d "card[cvc]=123" Stripe →