Exif.js – JavaScript library for reading EXIF image metadata

Following up on yesterdays “Read EXIF thumbnail from JPG image using JavaScript” I stumbled upon Exif.js, a library which reads EXIF meta data – and not just the thumbnail – from JPEG images. Usage is simple: EXIF.getData(imageElement, function() { alert(EXIF.pretty(this)); }); It’s also possible to get single values: EXIF.getData(imageElement, function() { var make = EXIF.getTag(this, […]

Read EXIF thumbnail from JPG image using JavaScript

Little demo by @codepo8 which reads the thumbnail out of the EXIF data of an image: The code itself is very simple: it opens a FileReader and seeks for the second occurrence (*) of 0xFF 0xD8 (Start of Image) along with its following 0xFF 0xD9 (End of Image). All bytes in between are the thumbnail […]