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Speaking of alternative in-browser DevTools in the previous post: be sure to also check out VisBug, created by Adam

Give power to designers & content creators power within the web project they have today, by bringing design tool interactions to the browser.


Here’s Adam presenting it at Chrome Dev Summit 2018:

You can try it out yourself in the playground. Hover over the menu items to get hints about what they are and which shortcuts you can use.


Unlike CSS Scan Pro from the previous post, this is a free browser extension. Available for Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

VisBug Source + Extension Links (GitHub) →
VisBug Playground →


💁‍♂️ It looks like that the built-in Chrome DevTools will eventually be getting some of these more design-focussed tools. A first proposal I saw float by was one to integrate a distance / measurement tool:

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