Firefox State Partitioning

State Partitioning is an interesting privacy feature shipping with Firefox 86.

With State Partitioning, shared state such as cookies, localStorage, etc. will be partitioned (isolated) by the top-level website you’re visiting. In other words, every first party and its embedded third-party contexts will be put into a self-contained bucket.

Applies to every embedded third-party resource (regardless of whether it is a tracker or not), but some exceptions for Single Sign-On purposes have been made.

Firefox State Partitioning →

As of version 85 a similar feature landed in Chromium. Safari introduced partitioning for Cookies with its Intelligent Tracking Prevention 1.0. Can’t find any mention whether Safari also partitions other 3rd-party content, but I think they do.

☝️ Without these protections, ads follow you around the internet.

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