Smooth Scrolling and Find In Page, a not so Smooth Combination …

There was this interesting Twitter conversation last week between Chris Coyier and Schepp last week. Apparently if you have Smooth Scrolling enabled, it also affects the behavior of Find in Page in Chrome: Whenever you want to go to the next result it will smooth scroll, instead of jump to it.

Schepp chimed in and offered the solution: leverage the :focus-within pseudo-class selector so that it’s only applied when the html has focus.

Combine it with prefers-reduced-motion and you’ll end up with this:

@media(prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference) {
    html:focus-within {
        scroll-behavior: smooth;

There’s on nasty side-effect though: in-page jump links that refer to the id of an element will no longer work. You’ll actually need to sprinkle some <a name="…">#</a> elements over your markup to make those work smoothly …

Fixing Smooth Scrolling & Page Search →
Chromium Bug #866694 →

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  1. there’s one, simple solution: just don’t
    slow scrolling is terrible experience, it’s one of blocking animations that only achieve one thing: wasting time

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