tinykeys – A tiny and modern library for keybindings

Small and lightweight, I like:

import tinykeys from "tinykeys"

tinykeys(window, {
  "Shift+D": () => {
    alert("The 'Shift' and 'd' keys were pressed at the same time")
  "y e e t": () => {
    alert("The keys 'y', 'e', 'e', and 't' were pressed in order")
  "$mod+KeyD": () => {
    alert("Either 'Control+d' or 'Meta+d' were pressed")

When calling tinykeys it returns an unsubscribe function. Handy when developing components:

import { useEffect } from "react"
import tinykeys from "tinykeys"

function useKeyboardShortcuts() {
  useEffect(() => {
    let unsubscribe = tinykeys(window, {
      // ...
    return () => {
      unsubscribe(); // make use of the returned unsubscribe() function.

Installation per NPM/Yarn

npm install tinykeys

tinykeys →
tinykeys Source (GitHub) →

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