Full-stack React + GraphQL Tutorial

An extensive 5-part tutorial by the Apollo folks, using their own Apollo Client to communicate with the GraphQL Server:

Despite the great advantages of using GraphQL [over REST], the first step can be a bit daunting. That’s why I’ve started writing a series of tutorials that take you step by step through building a full-stack React app with GraphQL and Apollo Client. The series will guide you through the entire process of building an instant messaging app which uses GraphQL throughout.

  • Part 1: Setting up a simple client
  • Part 2: Setting up a simple server
  • Part 3: Writing mutations and keeping the client in sync
  • Part 4: Optimistic UI and client side store updates
  • Part 5: Input Types and Custom Cache Resolvers

Full-stack React + GraphQL Tutorial →
Apollo Client →

💁‍♂️ New to GraphQL? “So what’s this GraphQL thing I keep hearing about?” is a good intro to the subject. The GraphQL Documentation itself is also worth a look, as it explains the core concepts (Fields, Arguments, Mutations, etc) really good.

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