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Tyler McGinnis, after having been involved in quite a lot of tutorials/courses/workshops teaching on how to build a React app:

Throughout all of these workshops, one thing was consistent: getting started with a React application was pretty overwhelming, for both beginners and senior developers alike.

I can confirm this I must say. The tutorials and documentation of React are fine (if not excellent), yet it took me quite some time to actually get started. Problems arose everywhere and in the beginning I wasn’t all too sure if it was either Webpack, or Babel, or my ES6 skills, or something else that was failing.

With the recent publication of create-react-app things are now about to change though:

“create-react-app” is an official command line interface (CLI) for building React applications with no build configuration.

Usage is simple:

npm install -g create-react-app
create-react-app Awesome

Et voila, you’re ready to start building your React app. No need to worry about setting up Webpack/Babbel/etc … it’s all there.

create-react-app and the future of creating React applications →
create-react-app — Create React apps with no build configuration. →

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