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Over a year ago I quickly whipped up a Colored Line Formatter for use with Monolog. As I’m building colorised output into Mixed Content Scan I – finally – took the time to actually put the darn thing out in the open.

bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter is a formatter for use with Monolog. It augments the Monolog LineFormatter by adding color support. To achieve this bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter uses ANSI Escape Sequences which makes it perfect for usage on text based terminals (viz. the shell).

Installation is possible via Composer

composer require bramus/monolog-colored-line-formatter ~1.0

To use it create an instance of it and set it as the formatter for the \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler that you use with your \Monolog\Logger instance.

use \Monolog\Logger;
use \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;
use \Bramus\Monolog\Formatter\ColoredLineFormatter;

$log = new Logger('DEMO');
$handler = new StreamHandler('php://stdout', Logger::WARNING);
$handler->setFormatter(new ColoredLineFormatter());

$log->addError('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.');

The color scheme can be adjusted if one needs to.

Monolog Colored Line Formatter →

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