Speed in Software Development


Every single CEO of any IT company wants to build software faster. Time is the most expensive and valuable resource. You can’t waste it on re-work, refactoring, meetings, physical activities. Right? It depends…

Many companies grow up, slow down, and die. Good development pace is essential for surviving.

Unfortunately options 1 (Extreme Sprint) and 2 (Moderate Sprint) described sound awfully familiar and remind me of some of my previous employers. Luckily I encountered option 2 first, making me act swiftly when I encountered option 1 — After only 3 months I quit the employer that was in constant extreme sprint and required of me to do the same (which I did not).

If you’re wondering what it is to be a lecturer in a domain that is in constant flux: it’s the fourth option described, but with bigger spikes. We constantly alternate between moderate sprints (and sometimes an extreme spring, hoping to get my course materials finished in due time), followed by a lengthy period of relaxation during summer recess.

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