XCode: Quick Look for UIViews


Xcode 5.0 introduced an interesting new feature: Quick Look for variables. Basically, it lets you inspect variables and their contents in a graphical way. Xcode 5.1 improves the feature even further with the addition of debugQuickLookObject. This method allows you to provide quick look content for any of your own classes. A bit like debugDescription but more advanced.

Using this, Inferis created an implementation which allows one to quick look at UIViews. Usage is really simple:

Just include UIView+DebugQuickLook.m into your project, and all your views automagically gain debugQuickLookObject.

Download the implementation directly, or install using CocoaPods:

pod 'UIView+DebugQuickLook', :git => 'https://github.com/Inferis/UIView-DebugQuickLook.git'

UIView+DebugQuickLook Source (GitHub) →
Quick Look for UIView (Tech background) →

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