Using the DevTools to get first in line to buy Tomorrowland tickets


All Friday night we were busy monitoring the different API-calls from the ticketpage to Paylogic. We found out that the ticket page refreshed every 2 minutes with a delay of 6 seconds to send back the answer.

The trick was to refresh the ticket page in your browser at exactly 10h. 57m. 54sec., whereafter the ticket page at exactly 11h. 00m. 00sec. refreshed with an api-call to Paylogic to get a place in the queue.

Because our browsers did an automatic refresh at exactly 11h, we were at the first of the 120 possible groups in the queue.

It’s fun being a geek.

Tomorrowland 2014 ticket sale – How to buy tickets →

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  1. How to be on the frontline of tomorowland is it when u buy the ticket? There is in the first line?

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