CSS Scroll Snap Points

Great to see this proposed (many people are using it nowadays, boosted by the iPhone 5s page).

.gallery {
      scroll-snap-type: mandatory;
      scroll-snap-points-x: snapList(786px, 1643px, 2483px, 3264px, 4054px, 4402px);

Don’t like the fact that one needs to specify explicit values (be it in pixels, ems, or percentages), as not all children can be of the same height/width for example (think a set of images placed horizontally next to eachother: some may be in landscape and some in portrait mode). To bypass this a CSS (direct) child selector would seem more appropriate (just a proposal I’m making here):

.gallery {
      scroll-snap-type: mandatory;
      scroll-snap-points-x: '> article';

Looking forward to see where this is headed.

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