Fitts’ Law vs. Apple on Windows, continued, again

Two years ago I wrote about Fitts’ Law vs. iTunes/Safari describing the lack of the upperleft and upperright pixels in the Windows distribution of Safari. The lack of those two pixels resulted in some really odd behavior (the upper right corner for example didn’t trigger the close button, as you clicked *through it*, hitting the close button of the application underneath). Luckely Apple soon set things straight and fixed the issues mentioned.

Last year (when iTunes 8.0 came out) the bug of the missing magic corners (that first appeared in Safari, and not iTunes) slipped into iTunes. Again, soon after that (iTunes 8.0.1) the bug got fixed.

iTunes 8.1 on Windows
iTunes 8.1 on Windows

Last week iTunes 8.1 came out and guess what … we’ve got a winner! Not only have we got a winner, we’ve got a double winner: no mile high menus (4px gap, check the big version of the screenshot above), no magic corners (6px gap on the right), no nothing!

/me grabs a pen and starts writing “Dear Apple … blablabla … read visualizing Fitts’ Law, again … blablabla … regards”


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