Fitts’ Law vs. Apple on Windows, continued

Remember that last year I wrote about Fitts’ Law vs. iTunes? This year the saga continues: iTunes8 suffers from the same mistakes (whereas other versions werent (?) and Safari no longer does since 3.0b4). I guess it’s time for some devs at Apple to read the excellent visualizing Fitts’ Law article. And while they’re at it, they might want to fix the CMD+, shortcut in the OSX version (that shortcut should trigger the preferences pane, not the help window!) Fixed in 8.0.1

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  1. Shortcuts should be forbidden. There are already tons of buttons on a keyboard, why come up with shortcuts? Shortcuts make the life of newbies much harder. For every shortcut there should be a button on screen.

  2. @Bart: The CMD+, shortcut is a rather universal one: in all applications that one opens the preferences pane/window (just as CTRL+C is the universal shortcut for cutting).

    And yes, the preferences pane/window is accessible via a menu 😉

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