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I knew Apple was up to something! Go download here!

Update #1: Just noticed that there’s still a lot of work to do to make the PC and Mac version consistent, or we’ll be going back in time on this one (anyone remember IE 5.02?)

Update #2: continued in the comments (scroll down!)

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  1. It would really surprise me if WebKit suddenly would display the same on Mac and PC. A friend and I had a look at the WebKit source a few months ago and getting it to build (not run) on Windows was only the first step. Then again, it probably has come a long way thanks to Adobe and their Apollo – excuse me: Air – runtime.

  2. Narrowed down the problem to the fact that em elements are not rendered visibly (you can select them though, yet without any visible text either)

    Now, I’ve heard none of the main webguru’s out there complain about this, yet I’ve heard colleagues complain about it so I’m not the only one who’s having the problem.

    Wild guess: Maybe it’s XP SP2 Dutch that’s freaking out again? I remember that in the past this was the only XP version that was not able to install a beta product of Microsoft (all other languages had no troubles with it).

    * seeks out to find a non Dutch XP on some box * … hmmz, only Win2003 server boxes are present, not gonna install Safari on those; Don’t want to stay up all night reviving some server 😀

  3. So I started commenting on threads on the subject on some of the big (webdevs) blogs out there to get some responses:

    – 456bereastreet : Roger thinks it’s a font problem, but I doubt that as even Google or any other site have problems (which I then later on narrowed down to em elements not rendering, see comment above).

    – : Jake has the same problem and Dinoboff points out that it indeed might be the non-English XP (no source though :() and cpawl thinks it’s my CSS … yeah right 😛

    – mezzoblue : An anonymous commenter also points towards the non-English XP version as the guilty one.

    – quirksmode : didn’t comment on that thread, but in the comments Mathieu Kooiman also is pointing towards his Dutch XP

    Hereby I think my guess towards the Dutch XP giving troubles was/is quite accurate and hope to see an updated Safari installer soon (not to say real soon).

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