Floating UI – Positioning for tooltips, popovers, dropdowns, and more

Floating UI is a low-level library for positioning “floating” elements like tooltips, popovers, dropdowns, menus and more. Floating UI exposes primitives which enable a floating element to be positioned next to a given reference element while appearing in view for the user as best as possible. Features include overflow prevention (or collision awareness), placement flipping, and more.

import {computePosition, flip} from '@floating-ui/dom';

const button = document.querySelector('#button');
const tooltip = document.querySelector('#tooltip');

const {x, y} = await computePosition(button, tooltip, {
  placement: 'top',
  middleware: [flip()]

Object.assign(tooltip.style, {
  left: `${x}px`,
  top: `${y}px`,

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☝️ Did you know some folks from Microsoft are thinking about a proposal to allow Anchored Positioning using only CSS? It’s still a very early discussion, so nothing official yet …