Remove background noises during a conference call with Krisp

The past few weeks I’ve been using Krisp during Zoom/Meet/Skype/etc. calls. It is a virtual microphone which uses artificial intelligence to filter out background noises. Once installed you select a microphone for it to filter, and then inside Skype/Zoom/Meet you choose the Krisp Virtual Microphone to use.

While I was a bit sceptical at first, here’s a few scenarios where it’s already helped me out:

  • My kids playing with their LEGOs in the same room.
  • Traffic passing by (We live next to a busy road — until we move to our new house that is).
  • A fan whirring in the background.
  • Me, typing, while we converse

Krisp →
(referral link which will get you 1 month of free use)