Apple Live Photos for JavaScript Developers

In a rather surprising move Apple has released a JavaScript library to play Live Photos on the web on NPM: Use the LivePhotosKit JS library to play Live Photos on your web pages. The JavaScript API presents the player in the form of a DOM element, much like an image or video tag, which can […]

Laphs: Apple Live Photos on the Web

From the folks over at Tumblr: Add support for Apple’s Live Photos in web browsers. Install it using npm, or include the dist file: npm install –save laphs You can make Laphs work with existing elements: <img src="STILL-PHOTO.jpg" data-live-photo="" data-live-photo-still-image-time="1.71"/> <script>LivePhotos.initialize();</script> Or, alternatively, directly create new instances: const livePhoto = new LivePhotos.LivePhoto(el, options); Laphs: Live […]