Blink: A rendering engine for the Chromium project

Google just announced it’ll fork Webkit for use with Chrome/Chromium as it has become too difficult to add features to it as Chrome uses quite a different multi-process architecture than other WebKit-based browsers: When Chromium started, our goal was to change as little of WebKit as possible, easing integration with the WebKit codebase. With Blink […]

CSS3 Marquee

Yesterday, I sent out this tweet: <font color="#FFFF00"><marquee behavior="alternate" bgcolor="black" scrollamount="10">Sometimes I miss the olden days</marquee></font> — Bramus! (@bramus) February 12, 2013 Rather soon I got a reply by @vormplus: @bramus we should recreate blink and marquee with css3. Add some extra magic to the web 😉 Sparked by this reply I got started … […]