Using FormData And Enhancing Forms With JavaScript

Jason Knights dissects a form that’s:

  1. not a form
  2. relies entirely on JS to handle the form submission

He then takes his own approach that uses an actual <form> that can be submitted, along with some extra JS sprinkled on top to prevent a full reload.

By using PROPER name="" in the markup and a proper form, all we need to hook is the form, prevent the submit, pull the FormData and send it.

Unlike Jason I wouldn’t resort to XHR, but go with fetch() instead, like so:

document.getElementById("form").addEventListener("submit", async (event) => {

  const form = event.currentTarget;

  const r = await fetch(form.action, {
    method: form.method,
    body: new FormData(form),

  const json = await r.json();

  // do something with json

Using FormData And Enhancing Forms With JavaScript →
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