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Earlier this year Dave Rupert spoke at An Event Apart’s Spring Summit with a talk on Web Components:

It’s the year 2021. Lots of us are building our websites and apps with components and design systems, perhaps leveraging a JavaScript framework to help glue all the pieces together. The web has matured in the last 5 years and it might be time to start looking at how the Web’s native component system can give our HTML super powers. We’ll talk about how to create, style, and use Web Components in your project today as well as look at how the components you build today may offer a pathway to web standardization and help inform and influence the Web for future generations.

After an introduction on how to use Web Components with HTML, Dave digs into styling Web Components (which CSS selectors/properties pierce the Shadow DOM Boundary and which don’t?) to end with a section on building Web Components with JavaScript (Vanilla and Lit).

HTML with Superpowers (Blogpost)
HTML with Superpowers (Slides)

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