“Building” by Jeremy Keith

The closing Keynote at Full Stack Europe 2019 was by no-one other than Jeremy Keith. At the conference he gave a talke named “Building”, a sort of compilation of his previous talks containing his “best of” on web development.

Every new medium looks to what has come before for guidance. Web design has taken cues from centuries of typography and graphic design. Web development has borrowed metaphors and ideas from the world of architecture. Let’s take a tour of some of the most influential ideas from architecture that have crossed over into the web, from pattern languages to responsive design.

Together we’ll uncover how to build resilient, performant, accessible and beautiful structures that work with the grain of the materials of the web.

As expected it was a great talk. The fact that it mentions the timeless A Dao of Web Design should say enough.

🤩 Having frequented quite some conferences in the past decade I can tell you that this conference was really well organised and packed with good stuff. If you have the chance to attend the upcoming 2020 edition, I recommend you do.

I also had the honor of both giving a workshop and bringing forward a talk (even twice!) at Full Stack Europe 2019, for which I am very grateful.

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