PWA Summit 2021 Talk Highlights

The entire livestream of PWA Summit 2021 is available online on YouTube.

This is the full livestream of the conference, and includes the keynote, all 9 talks, all 3 live Q&A sessions, and the full Future of Web Apps panel. It also includes four talks from our organizing companies.

Highlights to me are:

Make your PWAs look and launch beautifully – Önder Ceylan (2:28:30)
Building beautiful-looking icons and splash screen images for your PWA is an important aspect of the launch experience for your users. Discover the current, and upcoming, web standards to make for beautiful launch experiences, how to make them great on different platforms, and automation approaches to help you on your way toward creating stunning launch experiences for your PWAs.
(slides, writeup)
Creating delightful user experiences with PWAs – Callie Riggins (3:06:55)
Progressive Web Apps open up the ability to create moments of delight for our users that we otherwise couldn’t do with regular websites. Learn how Airbnb’s done just that to provide a high quality installation experience, seamless transitions, and an offline arrival guide across a multi-year, distributed effort.
Bringing your PWA to App Stores- Micah Engle-Eshleman (4:20:00)
App stores are an important distribution channel for Progressive Web Apps; they provide exposure alongside the other apps users are searching for, and have built-in ways to manage purchases and subscriptions. In this talk, BeFunky will share their experience launching their PWA into the Play store, from bundling it for release to integrating with Play payments with the Digital Goods and Payment Request APIs, all while sharing what they’ve learned and what getting into an app store has done for their product.
Building PWAs for Dual Screen Devices – Stephanie Stimac (2:21:40)
Organizing Partner Talk

💡 If you watch the recording on YouTube itself, you can use the chapter markers (as defined in the description) to easily jump to specific talks.

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