Helvetica® Now Variable

Helvetica® Now, available as a Variable Font

Helvetica® Now Variable builds on the groundbreaking work of 2019’s Helvetica Now release—all of the clarity, simplicity and neutrality of classic Helvetica with everything 21st-century designers need (optical sizing, stylistic alternates, and extended character set).

Don’t really understand why they ship the Regular and Italic variants separately. I’d’ve expected one font … 🧐

Helvetica® Now Variable →


🤔 Variable Font?

Variable Fonts are a font specification which enables many different variations of a typeface to be incorporated into one single file, rather than having a separate font file for every width, weight, or style.

Using the font-variation-settings CSS property you can tweak the appearance of the font (Weight, Width, Italic, Slant, Optical Size).

See A Variable Fonts Primer for more details the subject.

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