Convert a String representation of a JavaScript Object to an Object

For my little helper tool that converts a JavaScript Style Object into Custom Properties I had to convert the contents of the textarea — which is a String — to an actual Object. Lacking a native Object.parse() — something like JSON.parse() or Array.from() but for objects — I created my own function:

const createObjectFromString = (str) => {
	return eval(`(function () { return ${str}; })()`);
createObjectFromString('{ name: "Bramus", }');
// ~> { name: "Bramus" }

The code takes the String representation of the Object as an argument, and uses that to return from a function that is created+executed on the fly (using an IIFE + eval()).

Unlike other approaches this function requires no JSON syntax and plays nice with nested Objects and Arrays.

🚨 Note that there’s no type-checking at all going on inside the function, so it can be abused when passing user-input directly to it …


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