How I Build JavaScript Apps In 2021

Tim Daubenschütz on how he builds JavaScript Apps In 2021

  1. I avoid build processes.
  2. I avoid transpiling.
  3. I avoid the new and shiny.
  4. I test EvErYtHiNg.
  5. I optimize for performance and quality.
  6. I use my own work
  7. I use open source to my advantage.

Don’t agree 100% with the third point though, as React Hooks and Function Components — the example he mentions — are a big step ahead to me.

What I don’t do is try to keep up with all other frameworks though — an impossible task — but focus on one of them (e.g. React) and go really deep in it. (And of course I’m also going all-in on VanillaJS, a very safe bet to make 😉)

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