What’s new in ES2021

With the January meeting of TC39 behind us, the Stage-4 features that will make it into ES2021 have been selected.

💁‍♂️ Stage-4?

The Technical Committee which is concerned with the standardization of ECMAScript (i.e. TC39) has a 5 stage process in place, ranging from stage-0 to stage-4, by which it develops a new language feature.

Stage-4 is the Finished Stage and indicates that the proposal is ready to become part of the ECMAScript Specification.

The following features will be part of ES2021, which will be formalised mid-2021:

Apart from the linked-to posts above, Pawel Grzybek has done a writeup on all features. Additionally you can check all posts tagged es2021 on the V8 blog.

☝️ Note that you can use (most of) these features today already, as browsers start rolling them out (unflagged) when they hit Stage-3. So no, you don’t have to wait until mid-2021 to start using them.

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