google/cloud-functions-framework – Google Cloud Functions Framework for PHP

google/cloud-functions-framework is an open source FaaS (Function as a Service) Framework for writing portable PHP functions.

An example function looks like this:


use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

function helloHttp(Request $request)
    return "Hello World from PHP HTTP function!" . PHP_EOL;

One can invoke it locally by executing the included router as follows:

export FUNCTION_TARGET=helloHttp
export FUNCTION_SOURCE=index.php
php -S localhost:8080 vendor/bin/router.php

Alternatively you can run it in a Docker container (which you can then deploy to Cloud Run):

docker build . \
    -f vendor/google/cloud-functions-framework/examples/hello/Dockerfile \
    -t my-cloud-function

docker run -p 8080:8080 \
    -e FUNCTION_TARGET=helloHttp \

Installation per Composer:

composer require google/cloud-functions-framework


⚠️ There is a sample Dockerfile included with the repo, but a first glance tells me it needs some polishing as it uses a full blown GAE_RUNTIME Docker base image and directly installs the composer dependencies into the image itself instead of relying on multi-stage builds.

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