ESNext: Immutable Datastructures in JavaScript with Records & Tuples

A new ECMAScript Proposal that I’m looking forward to is this one which introduces the Record and Tuple value types. In short:

  • Records are immutable Objects that are compared by value.
  • Tuples are immutable Arrays that are compared by value.

The proposal is currently Stage-1.

Stage-1? Stage-4?

💁‍♂️ The TC39 Committee, which is concerned with the standardization of ECMAScript, has a 5 stage process in place, ranging from stage-0 to stage-4, by which it develops a new language feature. Stage-1 is the proposal phase. Stage-4 is when a proposals becomes part of the EXMAScript Speficiation.

As it stands right now, definition of Records/Tuples goes – quite obviously – the same way you define Objects/Arrays. The only difference is that you need to prefix the # operator to them.

// Records
const record1 = #{
    a: 1,
    b: 2,
    c: 3,

const record2 = #{...record1, b: 5}; // #{ a: 1, c: 3, b: 5 }

// Tuples
const tuple1 = #[1, 2, 3];
const tuple2 = tuple1.with(0, 2); // #[2, 2, 3]

Knowing that # is already used for Private Fields, and that the proposal still is Stage-1, I can see the operator get replaced as the proposal progresses over time. Personally I’m thinking to use the $ modifier/prefix.

ECMAScript proposal for the Record and Tuple value types →

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