class-names – Conditionally join CSS class names together

One of the packages I’ve been using a lot is classnames, a simple JavaScript utility for conditionally joining classNames together. Recently I stumbled upon @sindresorhus/class-names, a likewise package whose usage is very similar.

import classNames from '@sindresorhus/class-names';

// Think of these like props of your React component …
const props = {
	type: 'success',
	small: true

		'button-block': props.block,
		'button-small': props.small
//=> 'button button-success button-small'

Why bother to switch then? As per FAQ:

How is it different from classnames?

  • Dedupes by default.
  • Doesn’t coerce numbers to strings.
  • Doesn’t support array input. Just use the spread operator.

Worth a shot I guess …

Installation per npm

npm install @sindresorhus/class-names

@sindrehorus/class-names Source (GitHub) →
The original classnames package →

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