SwiftUI by Example – Free Course on SwiftUI

Paul Hudson, creator of Hacking with Swift:

Yes, that’s a full course on SwiftUI already available online, for free!

Sections include:

  • Introduction: A brief explanation of the basics of SwiftUI
  • Text and Images: Getting started with basic controls
  • View Layout: Position views in a grid structure
  • Reading input: Respond to interaction and control your program state
  • Lists: Create scrolling tables of data
  • Containers: Place your views inside a navigation controller
  • Alerts and action sheets: Show modal notifications when something happens
  • Presenting views: Move your user from one view to another
  • Transforming views: Clip, size, scale, spin, and more
  • Animation: Bring your views to life with movement


SwiftUI by Example →

TIP: Do note that the order of statements in SwiftUI is important:

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