10 Redux tips to scale your dev team

Recently I landed a gig at a company to help their team out with their React work (using Redux). This list of tips – save for number 10 – resonates quite well with what I’ve been introducing there:

  1. Plan 1 day of training per developer dedicated to Redux
  2. Integrate Redux-dev-tools as early as possible
  3. Use action creators
  4. Organize your file system with Redux Ducks
  5. Write unit tests, it’s *free*
  6. Make general APIs using payload-based action creators
  7. Anticipate that you will have a lot of async-handling code
  8. Normalize your state like a database
  9. Use selectors
  10. Flowtype, Reasonml or Typescript can really help

10 Redux tips to scale your dev team →

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