npm v5.0.0

This release marks months of hard work for the young, scrappy, and hungry CLI team, and includes some changes we’ve been hoping to do for literally years. npm@5 takes npm a pretty big step forward, significantly improving its performance in almost all common situations, fixing a bunch of old errors due to the architecture, and just generally making it more robust and fault-tolerant.

Great to see that npm will now – finally! – auto --save by default and generate a package-lock.json file after installing a dependency. They’re two features I felt that were absolutely missing in npm, as the lack of the introduced quite a lot of issues (e.g. colleagues forgetting to save a dependency breaking my code after a pull, deploys going wrong because the server would receive new versions of dependencies, etc.)

And oh, it’s also way faster:

I’d like to think that the “competition” introduced by yarn – which got me very excited – accelerated the release of npm@5 🙂

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