Animating vectors in Android with AnimatedVectorDrawable

Seeing Lottie in action, I was reminded of Android’s AnimatedVectorDrawable which also allows one to do vector based animations.

This class animates properties of a VectorDrawable with animations defined using ObjectAnimator or AnimatorSet.

If you’re familiar with SVG, the AnimatedVectorDrawable XML contents will look familiar.

The “Endless Pin Jump” animation (pictured above) for example is something that can be animated using AnimatedVectorDrawable. Like SVG you can write your XML manually, or use an IDE – such as AndroidIconAnimator (web-based) – to creating your AnimatedVectorDrawables. Online tools to convert your SVGs to the VectorDrawable format also exist 🙂

An Introduction to AnimatedVectorDrawable
Animation: Jump-through using AnimatedVectorDrawable
“Endless Pin Jump” animation with AnimatedVectorDrawable
AndroidIconAnimator, web-based AnimatedVectorDrawable IDE →
SVG to VectorDrawable convertor →

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