Gmail to remove CSS :checked support 😟


With a new update about to roll (already rolling?) out, Gmail has added support for – amongst other things – media queries and non-inline styles. Along with that update however, they’ve also axed support for :checked:

Also gone is the support for :checked selectors. The only pseudo-class selector supported in Gmail and G Suite webmail is :hover. In Inbox, :hover isn’t supported either.

This is a real shame imho, because it would prevent the creation of interactive e-mail using punched card coding. One of such mails is shown above. Yes, that really is an e-mail.

Embedded below a slidedeck by Mark Robbins (who kinda put it all together) on the subject, which he gave at CSS Day earlier this year:

See the Pen CSS Day slides – Mark Robbins by Mark Robbins (@M_J_Robbins) on CodePen.

And yes, even that entire presentation works *INSIDE* an e-mail.

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